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Nature faces creations

What you need

  • A piece of cardboard or paper, cut into an oval shape
  • A selection of natural materials such as leaves, grass, twigs and flowers that can be collected in the garden or when out on a walk.


This will promote your child’s creativity and present a new way to practice their fine motor skills!

The experience

Gather some natural items that you and your child want to use to create a face! This can be done by hunting around the garden or while on a walk around a local park. Provide your child with a small basket or bag to collect items in. Discuss the items they have found, encouraging them to describe them to you. 

Use the pre-cut oval cardboard/paper as a face and encourage your child to use the natural items to create the facial features. You may like to make your own face alongside your child, modelling how to add the different features. As well as eyes, a mouth and a nose, include hair, eyebrows, even eyelashes! For an added challenge, suggest to your child that they could make a face for each family member. 

If you have glue available, you can stick the items to the face for a creation they can keep or alternatively, place the items onto the face shape and take a photo of their creations on your phone/tablet for your child to go back and look at or to show their other family members.