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One dot can be…

What you need

  • Some paper
  • A pencil or pen


This activity works on developing imagination and the ability to think creatively. Additionally, drawing is a great way for children to be creative and develop fine motor skills, as well as pencil control.

The experience

Provide your child with paper and a pencil or pen. First, cut out a circular shape from some coloured paper to be the dot – this is the starting point of the picture. If you don’t have any coloured paper at home, draw a coloured-in circle and cut around this ideally with a black colouring pencil.

The challenge is to provide your child with the dot and ask them what they think it could be? If your child is not sure, you could make some suggestions such as the moon, the centre of a flower, a balloon, or perhaps the face of an animal?! 

Once your child has decided, encourage them to place the dot in the appropriate place on their page and draw the rest of the image. 

You may like to complete your own alongside your child or get other children from the family involved, so your child can compare all the different ways a dot can be turned into a further picture.