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Outdoor obstacle course

What you need

  • Garden/Park space
  • Sticks, small logs, leaves, stones, string/rope and anything really from the outdoors.
  • Chalk (optional)


Not only will children love the challenge, they will also be working their gross motor and mark-making skills.

The experience

This is a simple but effective experience for children to get creative. This can be done in a park or if you have your own garden. We will start by searching for items/objects from the outdoors to build your own obstacle course. Besides the items we find out and about, there are some parks that have collapsed/cut down trees, these can be incorporated into your obstacle course. Sticks can be used to hop over and stones can be laid strategically on the ground to run around/in between. You can decide together, but make it fun and challenging.

Another variation of this activity can be made with the use of chalk. You can draw your obstacle course on the concrete or pavement. A few examples can be blue chalk for the water that needs to be jumped over, green chalk for the grass that requires crawling through, you can also draw small boxes in different colors but when completing the obstacle course, you can only step on a certain colors or shapes. The ideas are truly endless!

Have fun and hope you enjoy this experience.