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Paint palette

What you need

  • A piece of cardboard cut out to use as a painting palette
  • Different coloured paints/crayons/markers


This is a creative activity where your child can discover colours in their natural environment. They will be challenged to match up the colours and talk about them.

The experience

Prepare your palette by cutting out the cardboard shape and adding a dot of each coloured paint around the outside. If you don’t have paints, you could use a crayon/marker to make a dot of colour. 

Once you have your palette ready, you can go and explore the outdoors, looking for natural items that match the colours on your palette.

Once you have found these items you can glue them on to the correct colour dot. The palette then becomes a piece of art itself! 

Maybe then you could have a little chat about where these items come from. Did your pink blossom come from the tree? Is your green leaf always green or may it change colour?