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Paper plate ring toss

Paper ring toss
Paper ring toss

What you need

  • Paper plates, with the central circular part cut out
  • A stick in the ground or cardboard tube


  • This a fun game that all members of the family can get involved with! 
  • Develops hand-eye coordination.
  • Develops gross motor skills as they practice under and overarm throwing.

The experience

You will need to cut out the centre of your paper plates. Older children may like to help you do this – start by creating a hole in the plate and begin cutting, then let them continue to go around the rest of the circle. Your child may also enjoy decorating the outer edge of the paper plates and making them different colours. 

Secure a long stick into the ground outside, or use a long cardboard tube, taped to a plate that will sit on the floor. 

Throw your rings toward the stick to play the ring toss game. Older children will enjoy the added challenge of keeping score, and may like to do so on a piece of paper, marking down each point earned by each player.

Make the game more challenging by experimenting with distance – a great way to get using more mathematical vocabulary.