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Pass the water adventure

What you need

  • A lightweight cup for each participant, at least two people to play and a space outdoors or on a surface easily cleaned if water spills!


A fun, physical challenge the whole family can get involved in. This is also a good way to practice using positional language- a useful maths skill to develop. Hand-eye coordination will also be tested, as participants have to hold their cup in the appropriate place to play the game.

The experience

This is a great experience for a warm, sunny day! Ideally played outdoors, you will need a space where 2+ people can stand in a line, one behind the other. Ideally three or more players will be involved. 

Each participant has an empty cup, except for the first person who will fill their cup to an agreed level (around halfway is ideal, but you could increase this for a greater challenge!) 

The first person in line then has to pour the water from their cup, into the cup of the person behind them, who will then repeat the process to the person behind them and so on. The aim is that the person at the back of the line will receive in their cup the same amount of water as the first person had, but of course some may have spilled along the way! 

Each participant can pour the water over their head raising arms up and tipping the cup, behind their head where the next person should be holding their cup up, ready! Alternatively you could pour the cup by reaching down and doing so in between legs, with the next person on their knees with their cup ready to be filled. 

Have fun, and see who can stay dry and avoid spilling too much water!