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Peek-A-Boo Zoo Animals

What you need

  • Our ‘Story time with Katy’ video: “Dear Zoo”
  • Animals: this could be soft toys, small figurines or cut out pictures
  • Blanket or Towel


Language development and vocabulary.

The experience

After watching the story of ‘Dear Zoo’, you can create your own version of the story using soft toys, pre-cut pictures of animals or small figures to help your child develop their language further.

Cover the animals with a blanket or towel and sit on the floor with your child or on your lap, so they can see the blanket or towel.

The use of an excited tone and expression will encourage their concentration and enthusiasm. You can say a little rhyme such as ‘Peek a boo, where are you?’ Then pull out an animal from the blanket or towel.

For 0-1 years – Say the names of the animals including the sounds it makes and allow some time for your child to react with either babbling, eye contact, kicks, and arm movements. Follow on with e.g.
“Yes, the lion goes roar!”

For 1-2 years – Your child can take turns with you to pick the animal from the blanket or towel, giving them time to say the name of each animal. If they know the animals very well, you can extend the activity by placing the different animals around the room and ask them to find them (e.g can you find the
snake or can you find who goes ‘ribbet’?)