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Peek-a-boo game

What you need

  • Your body! This can be carried out indoors or outdoors if you have a garden.
  • A few spots that you and your child can hide in (safe from potential hazards).
  • A comfortable space for a younger baby and a sheet.


  • This activity will develop your child’s gross motor skills whilst using different movements to hide behind different spaces within the home. 
  • Maths can be encouraged by getting your child to count up to five or ten.
  • Turn taking is encouraged as it allows them to develop waiting skills for ‘their turn’.
  • Listening and attention is developed as they will listen out for any sounds of shuffling/movement in order to find you! 
  • Encourages a sense of achievement once they have found you.

The experience

With a younger baby: hold a sheet up between you and your baby, ensuring it is not too far away for them to reach, this will encourage them to stretch to move, tap, pull the sheet in order to reveal what is hiding (you!) Once the sheet is moved say “peek-a-boo!” in a light tone and smile so they can see it is fun.

With an older child: take the first turn as the ‘seeker’, this will allow them to see you use your hands to hide your face whilst you count (ever so slowly) up to five until they have hidden. Whilst they are hiding you can say things such as “I wonder where ______ has gone”.

Once it is your turn to hide, choose an easy spot you think your child could find you without too much difficulty – do a shuffle or let a toe hang out as a clue!