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Picasso-inspired magazine faces

What you need

  • Different facial features cut from a magazine (if your child is old enough, they can cut help with cutting out)
  • Glue stick or spreadable glue and spreader
  • Blank face shape


  • Fine motor skills – if cutting themselves this will really help them to work on their fine motor skills and own self-safety.
  • Understanding their own faces and being able to identify where their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. is placed.
  • Creative development – your child will have the opportunity to express themselves with how they choose to place each feature and what features they choose to use.

The experience

You can cut out facial features from a magazine of your child’s choosing, or they can sit and cut them out independently if they are an older child. Once completed, your child then can select which facial features they want to use for their picture – encourage them to try different ones before sticking it down. Have fun with choosing features that will make the face look really funny. 

You may like to show your child some Picasso portraits for inspiration. Older children over three may enjoy learning some facts about Picasso, and seeing more of his work to inspire future creations. Why not research together?

Once your child has stuck down their chosen pieces they can colour in the face using lots of different bright coloured pens or pencils. Have a go at making a family of faces!