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Polar bears

What you need

  • Music player (to play the sounds of the Arctic and winds)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Paper
  • Choice of mark-making materials; crayon, felt tips or pencils
  • Scissors


This is a great activity to bring the outdoors, indoors. This activity will help support some basic body exercise and stretching. It will also tackle your creative and imaginative sides!

The experience

Before the physical part starts, you and your child are going to grab a piece of paper and draw a few small fishes, and an igloo on a separate piece of paper. Please colour and decorate them however you want to!  Once completed, cut them out. These will be used a little later on.

You are taking a journey to the Arctic. During this exercise you will be pretending to be Polar bears.

Start by sitting upright, with your knees bent and heels of your feet touching one another. Use both your hands to hold your ankles and pull your legs in as close to you as you can – just like how a polar bear would sit! Try and hold this position for a few seconds. Next, you are going to stand up and stretch your arms as high above your head as they can possibly go, roaring just like a bear would do – who can make the scariest roar?

Now grab the little fishes you made earlier. While standing with your feet slightly apart, place a few fishes on the floor, between your feet. Lean over, keeping your legs straight and try to pick up a fish. Whilst returning to your starting position, encourage your child to hold the fish in their mouth, like a polar bear would do. Keep bending forward and pick up all the fishes, whilst holding the others in our mouth!

Lastly, take the picture of the igloo you drew earlier and stick it on a wall a small distance away. Your child will go into a crawling position, and you can place the fish onto their back. Challenge your child to then try and crawl as fast as they can towards the igloo, dropping as few fish as possible. Any fish found on the floor are up for grabs from anyone playing. See who manages to catch the most!