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Pollution trappers

Pollution Trappers
Pollution Trappers

What you need

  • Some cardboard or paper
  • Vaseline or moisturiser


This is a great and simple way to teach your child about the effect humans have on the environment and get their minds exploring how we can all limit our carbon footprint.

The experience

Happy Earth Day!

To start, have a little chat about fossil fuels and how long the earth takes to make them again. You can research this together. Explore what we use fossil fuels for, for example cars, aeroplanes, etc…

Support your child in covering the front of the card with vaseline. Then choose where you are going to put your catcher, maybe the front of your house or in your garden. Leave it out there for a while and keep checking on it, can you see any dirt? This is dirt that is in the air.

This can then lead to a conversation about how we can limit our use of these fuels. How else can we travel?

  • Can you think of travel that doesn’t use any of these fuels?
  • What fuels our energy to move?
  • Is it better to get a bus or car? Why?