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Princess and the pea

What you need

Your listening ears.


Reading and storytelling with your child promotes brain development, concentration and imagination. It teaches your child about language and emotions, and strengthens your relationship. Hand-eye coordination, creativity and imagination are also developed through the follow-up learning experience.

The experience

The Princess and the Pea is a fairy tale about a princess who shows up at a castle asking for shelter from the rain. The prince and his mother place a pea under a huge pile of mattresses and feather beds to check her identity. They think that if she is truly a princess, she will feel the pea. The princess wakes up with bruising from the pea, and her identity is confirmed. 

Sit back and listen to the famous Hans Christian Andersen’s’ fairy tale read by Rik.

One of the famous illustrations from the story is that of the princess sitting atop her mountain of mattresses. Can your child re-create this image with their own art? You can cut strips of construction paper or fabric and glue them to a piece of paper, one on top of the other. Then you can draw a small pea or glue an actual dried pea to the bottom. When they’re finished, you can talk through concepts like the colours used in the pictures, any shapes that are present in the fabric patterns, or even how tall the bed you have created likely is.

Have fun!