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Puppet-making with socks

What you need

  • Table or floor space for getting creative
  • An old, lonely sock
  • PVC glue/Craft glue
  • 2x buttons/little lids or googly eyes
  • Some wool


Being Imaginative: Using their imagination to role play a range of scenarios of their choice.

Communication and language development: Encourage your child to discuss a range of scenarios.

The experience

Prepare a working space for you and your child to get creative! 

Apply the sock on your hand; place your fingers into the toe area and your thumb in the heel area – this will allow you to see where you want the eyes to go. 

Next, cut the wool to the length you would like the puppet’s hair to be. Gather it together in the centre and wind a piece of wool around the middle to keep it all together in one hairdo. Use your glue to stick the hair down (this can sometimes take a while to dry so please be patient and count!)

Feel free to be imaginative with the hairstyles: make plaits, bunches, ponytails – have fun!

Send us a picture of your amazing creations!