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Relax time with water sounds

What you need

  • White, blue or navy sheet
  • Dimmed lights
  • Water sounds on a speaker
  • Sea life toys or a book about sea life


This activity will help your child become aware of their own body through touch and movement, explore interesting toys around them and follow moving objects.

The experience

Choose a relaxing time in your day (perhaps before nap time or after a challenging physical activity). Put the water sounds on and lay on the floor with your baby/toddler. 

Close your eyes and lay still for a few minutes and demonstrate the relaxing time. Use the sheet as a big wave over your child, making light movements up and down, lifting it up or bringing it down, letting your child touch it.

Then, you can place the sheet on the floor and ask your child to lie on their tummy (or gently roll baby over) rolling around, pretending to swim or trying to catch the fish around you.