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Roll to the cups

What you need

  • Paper or lightweight cups
  • Table or counter top surface
  • Tape
  • Small balls


Hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills will be developed through this activity. It also offers the opportunity for maths skills to be developed and the possibility of adding a competitive element!

The experience

You will need a table/desk or a clear surface such as a kitchen counter. At one end of the table, secure your cups with tape so that the top of the ups is level with the table. Around three cups is ideal. Preferably use paper cups, but another lightweight cup should also do the job.

Using the balls, your child will roll one down the table, aiming for one of the cups. You could colour your cups and make it a challenge such as – ‘Can you roll the ball into the blue cup?’. Or, you may like to add a number to the cups for the over three’s, aiming for a specific numbered cup.

You could create competition between family members and see who can get their ball into the cup the most times, or if using numbered cups, who can create the highest score, by getting their ball into the cup with the highest numerical value.