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Rolling down the tubes

What you need

  • A cardboard tube of any kind
  • Two containers to catch and collect objects
  • Random objects: some that will roll and some that do not.


Understanding of cause and effect, shapes, size and dimension. Development of the trajectory schema – a developmental pattern of behaviour where young children may like to throw objects or see them moving through air.

The experience

Collect random objects that roll (or not) and place them in one container. Use a tube of any kind and lean it against a chair or box, or something similar. At the end place another container to catch the objects. Now try to feed the objects through the tube. Do they fit? Do they roll?

You can sort objects that roll and objects that don’t, or grade them by size. This should keep your child occupied for quite some time, and really help to develop their critical thinking skills as they experiment with the different objects and assess their ability to roll or not.