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Round and round the garden

What you need

Your lovely singing voice and your hands to do some actions.


  • Finger rhymes combine words and music with hand movements. As babies and toddlers are usually fascinated with their hands, finger rhymes are popular with the under-twos. Finger rhymes encourage babies and toddlers to tune in to the sounds of the language being spoken, help children to associate keywords with actions, encourage babies and toddlers to explore hand movements, support coordination and children’s attachments with the other person engaging with them.

The experience

Place your baby on your lap so that they can enjoy feeling close to you. With toddlers, make sure that you have their attention and eye contact. Say or sing the rhyme, emphasising some of the movements or words. Most importantly have fun and enjoy some lovely interactions. 


Lyrics and moves:


Round and round the garden, like a Teddy Bear.
(Trace finger in a circle around child’s palm)
One step, two step
(Walk your fingers up child’s arm)
Tickle you under there!
(Tickle under chin, under arm or tummy)