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Safety inspectors

What you need

  • Hi-vis or yellow jumper, jacket or T-shirt
  • Builder’s helmet (if you have one)
  • Piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • Clipboard or a hard surface for your child to lean on e.g. a hardback book or table


This activity will make your child aware of potential dangers that they may face inside the home and in the garden (if you have one).

The experience

Explain to your child they are going to be a safety inspector. Talk about how they need to find things around the house that could be dangerous, and check with you that everything is safe for the family. Ask your child to put on their special hi-vis and helmet (imaginary is fine if you don’t have the props!) so they are ready to carry out their safety inspection! You may like to show them some pictures of what an adult who has this job looks like in real life by looking up health and safety inspectors on Google. 

Go around the house and/or garden together, discussing possible hazards. Your child may need support in identifying some and you can prompt them, e.g. ‘Hmmm, I wonder how we can make sure we are safe around the oven…’ This is a great opportunity for your child to discuss and reflect how they can keep themselves safe. 

You may like to (safely!) set up some hazards to find, such as a little water spilled on the floor, or a pair of scissors out in the kitchen. 

Draw pictures and/or write the above dangers on your child’s piece of paper for them to find in the environment. Once your child has identified the danger they can then tick it off on their piece of paper. They may need some support in finding the dangers in the environment, but this is a great learning experience to do together.