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Create your own sensory bags

What you need

  • Ziplock bags or plastic paper wallets
  • Sticky tape
  • Sensory materials to place inside e.g. paint, coloured water, cooking oil


Sensory experiences encourage language and exploration. Your child will be easily absorbed in how they can move and manipulate the materials. This is also a mess-free sensory experience, so great for exploring indoors!

The experience

You will need to prepare your sensory bags ahead of the experience. Ideally set up around three bags for maximum exploration. 

You can be as creative as you like with filling the contents of the bags. Examples could be: 


  • Paint – use two different colours in the bag so your child can observe the changing colour
  • Water with food colouring in (add some oil such as olive oil to create more of a visual experience) 
  • Shaving foam 
  • Gel such as hair gel or try a coloured dish soap or hand soap


Once the bags are filled and sealed, tape them to the floor or table surface where your child will be exploring. If your baby is just beginning to pull to stand, you may like to place these stuck at a height that will involve them having to stand to explore. Your child can poke, press and enjoy manipulating the sensory materials from within the bag, all whilst staying clean!