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Sensory bubble time

What you need

  • Homemade or shop bought bubble solution (you can easily create your own bubble solution using dish soap, bubble bath or hand soap and water, shaken in a bottle)
  • Food colouring (optional, but will make things more exciting!)
  • A straw
  • An area to enjoy and get a little messy


Babies and young toddlers need sensory experiences to develop their language- these exciting experiences make them want to babble and talk and get excited to communicate about what they are experiencing!

The experience

Prepare an area for exploring. For a young baby, you could do this in a high chair, using the tray table as a surface for them to use. Alternatively, you could set this up on a tray, positioned on the floor or at a table. Toddlers will happily enjoy this standing up rather than being restricted to a seated position. 

Add your food colouring to your bubble mixture, if using, and pour into a bowl or other container. Using the straw, blow into the bubble solution, creating larger bubbles! Your child will love touching, feeling and trying to pop the bubbles! 

You can let the bubbles spill onto the tray and allow them to use the liquid like a paint, swirling and making patterns. You could add a piece of paper to create a lasting piece of art. 

Older children will enjoy blowing the bubbles themselves, using the straw.