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Sensory Exploration: Button bags

What you need

  • Ziplock bags
  • Washing up liquid
  • Buttons
  • An adult for supervision and support


Language development through a sensory experience, naming colours and objects, fine motor skills, high level of engagement and curiosity.

The experience

Fill a ziplock bag with a small amount of washing liquid and add a few buttons.

The washing liquid will make it easier to move the buttons inside around. You may want to tape the Ziplock bag to a flat surface to stop it from moving around.

To extend this activity, you can stick a picture of a familiar face behind the bag and ask your baby to give them some button eyes. Now the buttons need to be moved around in the ziplock bag to a specific area. This way the fine motor skills are really challenged and using a picture of someone your baby knows can provide a lot of laughter with their button eyes.

Why not add paint if you have available to encourage mixing the colours together?