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Shaking & painting

What you need

  • An empty sweet tin or old container with a lid
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint 
  • A small ball, toy or another household object
  • An adult for supervision


By engaging in this activity, your child is able to explore different sounds and rhythmic patterns, explore their senses, and work on improving their hand-eye coordination.

The experience

Preparation: Find a working surface for you and your baby. Start by cutting your paper to fit neatly inside the bottom of your tin and a longer strip to fit around the sides, using tape to secure in place if necessary.

Add splashes of paint in any colours you want and pop on your toy or ball.  Secure the lid firmly in place.

Now encourage your little one to do some shaking!  Shake the tin or tap it like a drum and get it moving.  When you have finished, open the lid and have a look at the masterpiece you have created!

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