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Sleeping Bunnies

What you need

  • An open space with no hazards in close proximity, where your toddler can lie down and jump.
  • Your lovely singing voice
  • Means to play music


Singing this song enhances hand-eye coordination, listening skills and the ability to follow directions. Language skills are enhanced, creativity is promoted, and it helps to raise your child’s self-confidence.

The experience

This game can be played on the spur of the moment with no props, or you can decide to create some simple and fun costumes!

The song for sleepy bunnies starts with everyone on the floor pretending to sleep; as the bunnies wake up, everyone jumps up and hops around. You can also clap your hands as you jump and encourage your child to join in with the clapping.



See the little bunnies sleeping, sleeping till it’s noon,

Shall we go and wake them with a merry tune?

Oh, how still, are they ill?

Wake up soon…

…wake up little bunnies!

Jump little bunnies jump jump jump, jump jump jump, jump jump jump

Hop little bunnies hop hop hop, hop hop hop.



  • Try pretending to be different animals to explore different movements! A giraffe walks moving both right limbs and then both left limbs! A frog hops differently from a bunny! Butterfly and bird both have wings but flap in a different way!
  • Add props and simple costumes to extend the fun for an older toddler.