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Sorting colours

What you need

  • Coloured cups, paper, or bowls
  • Various objects in associated colours


This activity develops sorting and categorising skills, which are an essential part of maths, as well as developing language and vocabulary associated with colour, and an increased understanding of the concept of colour.

The experience

Three different coloured cups, bowls or paper can be placed on the table or floor and the associated coloured objects can be placed out for the sorting to begin! 

To extend the experience: you can ask your child what else they can think of that is that colour? Challenge their thinking and engage in discussion around different shades of a colour. For example, looking at three different blue objects that are all different shades of the same colour. Talk about light and dark colours. This can be continued over multiple days or weeks as you talk about and notice the colours of different objects you see around the home or when outside on a walk.