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Storytime with puppets

What you need

Puppets or materials to make puppets (socks/sticks/paper/card/markers).


Language development, awareness of story structure, interest and engagement in storytimes.

The experience

Use puppets to help you tell a story and engage your child in what’s happening. If you don’t have a puppet that can become one of the characters from a story, you could make some! 

Try some of these ideas at home: 

Sock puppets – use an old sock and add buttons/pom poms or use a marker to draw on features

Stick puppets – you can draw and cut out your character onto card or paper and stick with tape or glue to a stick (they could also be stuck onto the end of a wooden spoon!) 

Use your puppet either as a ‘narrator’ of the story or to be a character from within the story. Put on a different voice for the puppet, so it is clear this is different from you speaking. Your child will love to get involved, and older children can have a go putting on their own character voice and telling a story as the puppet too.