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Using tape to make works of art

What you need

  • Paper
  • Mark-making tools such as chalks, crayons or coloured pencils
  • Sticky tape such as masking tape


Mark-making has many benefits including physical- ensuring your child’s gross and fine motor skills develop, in readiness for writing but also learning that their marks can look different and be created into being different things, which is also an essential part of understanding the process of writing- that the words are used to convey meaning. Children also love to create and enjoy seeing these creations displayed when finished!

The experience

Across a large piece of paper, stick pieces of tape. Alternatively, you could draw an outline of a shape on the paper, such as a butterfly, a heart, an animal outline, etc. and stick tape across the shape. You can do these in a particular order or pattern, such as a criss-cross design or in different diagonal lines etc. Your child can then enjoy colouring and make marks all over the paper, until they are finished. It can be worth leaving an activity such as this out for a morning or afternoon as you may well find they will do a little and then move onto something else, but return to the mark making later on.

Once complete, remove the strips of paper to reveal the pattern or design across the page.