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Teddy bear play

What you need

A teddy bear or other soft toy


For younger children, this is a way to help learn the names for body parts and have fun, moving and reaching as they are able. For older children, their coordination and balance will be developed, as well as burning off lots of energy!

The experience

Provide your child with a teddy bear, and use the rhyme/song (you could sing to any tune you like!), encourage your child to listen to the words and follow with the right movements. For younger babies, you can help move the teddy as you say the words and ask them questions like – where’s your foot/head/hand? Before helping them place the teddy. Even young babies will find this lots of fun! 


  • Throw your teddy bear and catch! 
  • Turn around, turn around, jump, jump, jump!
  • (Repeat as many times as you like) 
  • Put in on your head and walk around the room
  • Put it on your shoulder 
  • Put it on your elbow 
  • Put in on your knee
  • Put in on your back now
  • Put it on your stomach 
  • Put it on your fingers
  • Put in on your foot
  • Put in on your arm now 
  • Put it on your head and walk around the room