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Teddy bear zip line

What you need

  • A washing line or a long piece of string
  • A few teddies or toys
  • A place to tie your string between two points such as trees/tall pieces of furniture/a fence post, etc. 
  • String or pipe cleaners to tie your teddy/toy to ‘zip line’


This is a very fun activity that will teach your child about speed, friction and weight. It will encourage your child to use trial and error and critical thinking to explore what material might hold the teddy up.

The experience

Use your pipe cleaners or string to wrap around your toy, then attach this spring in a loop to your washing line/piece of string attached across the room/outdoor space. 

You can push the teddies down the washing line and see how fast they go.


  • Which of your teddies will go the fastest? Will it be the heaviest/lightest?
  • Do we need to tie the string ‘tighter’ or ‘loosen it’?
  • How long did the teddy travel? Can you measure it?
  • What happens if we tilt the string down?


Experiment with this experience in different ways, discovering together how to make the teddy go the fastest!