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Teddy bears’ picnic

teddy bears' picnic
teddy bears' picnic

What you need

  • Teddies
  • A mat/blanket
  • Snacks or pretend/toy food


  • This activity will encourage your child to use common phases and develop their communication.
  • This also allows your child to use their imagination and remember their routines such as having a drink and food at the table or using a spoon to eat.

The experience

Why not have a picnic with all your teddies, either in your garden or at the table? You could prepare a basket full of real snacks or pretend ones and get your child to set out what each teddy eats.

You can encourage your child’s language by talking about the types of food and them repeating a few phrases that you often use at mealtime such as  “all gone” and “yum”.

You can offer utensils such as spoons to remind them of what we use to eat or drink with.