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Thankful by Eileen Spinelli

What you need

Your listening ears.


  • Reminds readers young and old of the many blessings of everyday life
  • Rhyming text, making reading enjoyable for children of young ages

The experience

Sit comfortably and listen to the wonderful story of ‘Thankful’: a book to remind us to celebrate everyday blessings, practice thankfulness, and observe the wonderful acts of service that keep us going each and every day. A heartwarming picture book read by Katy, reminding children how blessed and special they are.


The gardener’s thankful for every green sprout. 

The fireman, for putting the fire out. 

The artist is thankful for color and light. 

The clown for her costume, silly and bright.


After reading the story, why not discuss or express through painting what makes your child feel happy and thankful for today?