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The Amazing Talent Show

What you need

  • Some space in your home
  • Fabric to create a stage
  • Optional: a speaker and some dressing up clothes


This activity uses your child’s imagination to stimulate cognitive thinking and development, and also encourages emotional development.

The experience

Create a space in the house, and design a stage. You could use fabric to lay down on the floor and move some furniture around to create the stage space. 

Dim the lights and perhaps you could use a torch or your phone light as a stage light. 

Connect to a speaker if available, or play sound from your phone. Pick a scene from your child’s favorite movie, or choose their favourite song. Encourage them to pretend to be performing in front of a crowd, perhaps pretending to be one of the characters from the song or movie

Let them explore their talent: they could enjoy singing, dancing, acting, you name it!