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The Rainbow Song & coloured objects

What you need

Your voices and some coloured fabrics or objects: Red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple and blue.


Nursery rhymes and interaction with your baby support language acquisition and helps with speech development. The children further develop their listening and attention skills while interacting with others and learning.

The experience

In a nice and cosy corner in your home, you can prepare for this learning experience to take place by placing some pieces of fabric, scarves or other coloured objects around you. As the song starts, listen with your baby and point to each colour as the song suggests.

Why not let them explore the colours, and try and have a go pointing to the different colours?

Why not try to put them in order?

For younger children, you can use coloured pieces of fabric to play peek-a-boo while the rainbow song reveals all the colours of the rainbow.

Facial expressions and excitement are always welcome during interactions. Enjoy!