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Transient art

What you need

  • An empty photo frame 
  • Bits and bobs from the house or garden such as: buttons, marbles, ribbons, stones, sticks.


This activity supports your child’s creativity whilst exploring textures. They are able to use their own minds and emotions to create whatever image they would like.

The experience

Place all of the materials next to the frame and get creative! Using all the materials you’ve found from around the house, explore how you can use them all to make lots of different pieces of art.

You can model creations in your own photo frame next to your child. You might make a self portrait with the items or an animal or a pattern.

The great thing about this activity is you can keep changing and altering the image with no waste or mess!

You can, of course, take pictures of your creations to look back on and see all of the creations you made.