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Transport yoga

What you need

A smooth, soft surface for your child to roll, crawl and stretch, or a yoga mat.


This activity helps to develop gross motor skills, observing the effects of movement on their body.

The experience

Always start from a relaxed or seated position. Then say: “Let’s move our bodies like a…” – encourage your child to copy you and to make different sounds for each of the poses/movements.


Here some examples:

Bike: lay down on your back, bring your knees toward your chest and start pedaling.

Bus: knees and hands on the floor make a rectangular position – you could sing the wheels on the bus if you wish.

Car: sit down with your legs crossed and pretend to drive.

Motorbike: sit on your knees and pretend to hold the handlebars swing to the sides making a ‘vroom’ sound.

Boat: lay down on your tummy, tilt your head and neck back, put your arms behind you. Fold your legs, reach for your ankles with your hands, and try to find balance – you could sing “Row, row, row your boat’’.