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Create your own tugging box

What you need

  • A box (something like a shoe box would be ideal)
  • Ribbons or thin scarves (handkerchiefs or even ties would also work well!)
  • Something sharp to poke holes in the box, e.g. scissors


This will be a great fine motor skills workout for your child. Even young babies can enjoy this, and older children will also become absorbed and improve concentration levels as they explore the tugging box.

The experience

Poke holes in your box using all sides of the box. Then, place your ribbons/scarves/ties into the holes and poke them into another hole on another side of the box. Tie a knot at each end so that they can’t be pulled completely out. 

Let your child explore, enjoying pulling and tugging the ribbons. You can make it more challenging by criss-crossing more ribbons over one another, poking them between holes opposite and diagonally across from each other.