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Tummy time: crawl game

What you need

Toys you have in the house.


This encourages your child to move in a variety of ways; it will test their balance and will improve their core strength as they stretch for their toys. It also makes tummy time for younger babies a little more exciting!

The experience

Lay your baby on their stomach, or for older children, encourage them to lay down on their front. 

Place their toys around them. You could put one toy a little higher, one toy slightly under a cushion, one toy slightly out of reach and one at the side of them. You could hold one soft toy above them, encouraging them to use their bodies to roll over and stretch up high for it.

This encourages your child to move in a variety of ways, supporting their tummy time and keeping them interested. 

For older children, get them to lay on their front and see if they can stretch and wiggle their bodies around to reach the items placed around them. You could have a go too, and see if you both can move yourselves to collect the items by moving yourselves on your tummy. Try to see if you can do it without using hands, but instead suggest your child uses their elbows to help them.