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Tummy time treasure hunt

What you need

  • Floor space (inside or in the garden)
  • A blanket
  • Your baby’s favourite toys


Your baby will develop his/her core strength and learn to roll from front to back. Your baby will also develop hand-eye coordination by reaching out for objects.

The experience

Set up the floor space with the toys in the middle of the blanket. Place your baby on his/her tummy and place yourself (also laying on your tummy) opposite your baby – with the toys between you.
Model how to reach the object, stretching your arm and grasping the toy. As you do this, tell your baby what you are doing: ‘I’m reaching for the teddy. Wow, it feels very soft!’

Encourage your baby to do the same and once he/she has explored the toy, move onto the next one! As your baby develops, you can spread the object further apart to support crawling!