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Turn your home into a musical playground

What you need

Kitchen pots and pans, wooden spoons/cutlery. Empty bottles, boxes or cartons. Something to make the noise – dry rice/pasta/other grains or items such as beads/buttons.


This activity works on developing a sense of rhythm, as well as listening skills (tuning into different sounds and recreating them), creativity and language and vocabulary. 

The experience

Get creative with some music-making today! 

You don’t even need musical instruments: you can create your own pots and pans band, using kitchen saucepans/metal bowls and wooden spoons. Have a go and see what music your child can create! Try singing a song and tapping along to the rhythm! You can also make instruments and noisemakers out of empty bottles or boxes filled with items such as dried rice to make a shaker. Get the whole family involved and make a band; perhaps you could even put on a show!