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Weaving around the path

What you need

  • Something to use as ‘cones’ to create your weave path – possible suggestions include canned foods from the cupboard, cups or small bowls
  • An open space to explore – indoors or outdoors


A fun, physical challenge that will engage your child as they walk, crawl or jump- zig-zagging their way through the path you have created.

The experience

Using an open floor space or an outdoor area, create a path, zig-zagging your objects such as cans so your child will have to weave in and out of them. This could be done crawling, walking, or even jumping, depending on your child’s physical abilities. Depending on their level of development, will depend on the spacing you leave between each can; the less space, the harder and more challenging it will be! 

An alternative to this could be to draw a zig zagged line in chalk on the ground or onto large paper, taped to the floor.