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What’s in the bottle?

What you need

A sack (if you don’t have a sack, an item such as an old pillowcase works well!)


  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • Encouraging problem-solving (working out how to get the objects in!) 
  • Exploring shape, space and measure

The experience

  • Sit on the floor with your baby/toddler or have some tummy time. Place pom-poms or straw or other small object in a basket or on the floor, just out of reach! 
  • Put the bottle in front of your child. 
  • Encourage them to reach for a pom-pom and put it in the bottle. Try putting a red herring in the basket – something that won’t fit in the bottle! 
  • Take turns having a go – describe what you’re doing and celebrate successes or encourage your child to keep trying.
  • Describe the shapes and colours; challenge your child by finding different containers, not just bottles, that have openings of different sizes.