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Whisking bubbles

What you need

A large container for bubbly water (this could even be done in the bathtub), hand held kitchen whisk, other utensils such as spoons, water and liquid soap to make bubbles.


Gross motor skills will be developed in this physically engaging experience, as well as early scientific understanding as your child explores cause and effect.

The experience

Provide your child with a large container of bubbly water. This would be ideal to enjoy outside, particularly on a  warmer day. If enjoying indoors, ensure you are using an easily wipeable floor surface and have plenty of towels to hand for mopping up spilled water, as this will get a little messy! You could also make this a fun bath time experience. 

Add a kitchen hand whisk and other utensils such as spoons or forks. Encourage your child to whisk/stir the water. Enjoy seeing the bubbles form. Allow your child to freely explore how the more they move the water, the more bubbles are created. Experiment yourself, playing alongside them. Talk about what you are seeing and noticing. Describe the bubbles – how do they feel? What do they look like? How can you make them even bigger?