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Yoga story: The Stolen Honey – Part 2

What you need

  • Means to play the story video
  • A yoga mat or rug/carpet area to exercise on


Yoga poses are a great way to support your child’s body and mind as they stretch and move in different ways, focusing on different parts of their body. Using a story like this helps to keep it fun and engaging, as the children enjoy being a part of the story and engaging with the characters. Your child’s imagination and language will develop, as much as their physical skills. All of the poses are modelled for you on the video, so you will know exactly how to use each one with your child.

The experience

Today you will revisit the stolen honey story from Monday’s experience, and aim to perfect the moves you will have learned before!

Begin with some opening stretches – stretch up high towards the ceiling/sky, wiggling your fingers. Give yourself a hug with your arms. Crouch down to the ground. Gently move back to lying down and hug your knees to your chest, gently rocking from side to side. 

Now you have warmed up a little, see if your child can remember any of the yoga poses and different stretches they enjoyed last time? Encourage them to take some deep breaths, remembering the position previously shown: 

Kneeling on the mat, sit back onto your bent legs, hands at your ears with elbows bent forwards. Take a deep breath in through the nose and then rise up onto the knees, with your bottom off the ground, move your elbows away from your head, opening your chest and breathing out. 

Pick up the story where you left off previously and continue finding out what happens (or if you previously completed the story, why not recreate your favourite parts?) 

As an extension, talk about the ceremony in the royal beehive. Encourage your child to move about the room or garden, pretending to buzz like a bee in their hive. You could play ‘Flight of the bumblebee’ by Rimsky- Korsakov to enhance this further.