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Yoga story: The stolen honey

What you need

  • Means to play the story video 
  • Space to move around
  • A yoga mat or rug/carpet area to exercise on


Yoga poses are a great way to support your child’s body and mind as they stretch and move in different ways, focusing on different parts of their body. Using a story like this helps to keep it fun and engaging, as the children enjoy being a part of the story and engaging with the characters. Your child’s imagination and language will develop, as much as their physical skills. All of the poses are modelled for you on the video, so you will know exactly how to use each one with your child.

The experience

Hopefully, you will already have enjoyed some of our previous yoga experiences, and so your child will already be familiar with some of the poses in today’s story. Do not worry about getting through the whole story in one session, as you can easily continue to revisit this in additional sessions. 

Begin playing the story, and participating in the moves with your child. Watch how the pose is modelled on the screen and then have a go yourself. Ensure you are on hand to support your child and ensure they are moving their body in the appropriate way for each position. 

Pause the story as often as you need to, talking with your child about what is going on, and encouraging them to make the appropriate position of the character as outlined in the story. 

Continue for as long as your child can remain focused for and is happy to participate. You can stop at any time. You may like to go over the positions they practiced today e.g. child’s pose, downward dog (reaching for honey with hands and walking feet), warrior pose.