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You’ve got mail

What you need

  • An old shoe box
  • Scissors 
  • Paper


  • This activity supports your child’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination by creating the images.
  • It also supports your child in getting used to how things work and gets them thinking, ‘Where has the paper gone.’ Children often love posting things, and find the process fascinating.

The experience

Cut a small rectangle shape out of a shoebox you have in your home.

You can then get to mark-making with your child on some paper, you could draw some animals or use a variety of colours – encourage their scribbles and lines as these are all an essential part of the writing process!

Then take your creations to the post/shoebox. Model to your child how to post your letter. As you do,  explain what you are posting. 


  • I’m posting the red one
  • I’m posting the frog, ribbit, ribbit 
  • I’m posting the big one


Make sure you move the box after you play, otherwise you may find some posted keys/dummies/phones!