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8 gross motor skills activities for children

All children develop their gross motor skills at a different pace, but there are also things we can do to encourage them. Discover fun activities that can support their development.

11 Hand-Eye Coordination Activities

When it comes to hand-eye coordination activities, you can never start too young. Here’s 11 fun ways to engage your child and support their development at the same time.

Raising a multilingual child

Each language is made up of approximately 40 sounds and babies’ brains can distinguish between over 800 sounds. This allows for them to learn any language at birth, so how can we support that?

A guide to the five stages of play

The 5 stages of play are imperative for learning skills such as social skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, maths, risk taking, negotiations, estimations, sequencing events and more.

Key child development milestones

Every child is different, and your parenting experience will be too. Babies and children develop […]

How to encourage your baby to walk

Watching your child take their first steps is one of the most exciting milestones for […]

How to help your baby crawl

Crawling is an exciting milestone. However, it’s not often thought of as something that needs […]

When to start sleep training: A guide for parents

Experts generally suggest starting sleep training from around six months, when children usually begin taking […]

What is attachment theory?

Attachment theory, a foundational concept in child psychology and development, is essential in shaping children’s […]