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Messy Fun: Mud sculptures

What you need

  • An area with mud/soil
  • A little water
  • Sticks
  • Leaves and other natural objects
  • A space to get messy!


Exploring natural materials is a great sensory experience for all ages and will develop language skills and creativity. Making mud pies or mud sculptures is fun for everyone (although a little bit messy!) and can lead to lots of imaginative scenarios.

The experience

You will need a place to explore where you can make a bit of mess, perhaps an area in the garden or a container with your mud on a floor or table surface that is easily washable. Everyone will get messy so ensure you are wearing clothes that can take a little dirt and can be easily washed.

Using soil from the garden, dampen with a little water to create mud that will be easily moldable. Babies and young toddlers may just enjoy the sensory experience and place their hands in to feel, but older children can be encouraged to create their own mud sculpture – why not play along too and create your own?! 

You could make mud monsters, recreate a favourite animal or come up with a mythical creature, make ‘pies’ or ‘mud cakes’ – the possibilities are endless. 

Use sticks, stones, leaves or other natural found objects outdoors to enhance your sculpture e.g. make facial features, arms or legs. 

At the end, admire your creations and perhaps take some pictures so your child can look back on their creations – you could even share with their friends and key person at nursery by posting on Famly.