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Take a photo challenge

A girl holding a camera and taking a photo
A girl holding a camera and taking a photo

What you need

  • The means to take a photo e.g. phone, tablet or camera
  • A space to explore and take your pictures


Children love taking pictures of things that interest them and it provides a great talking point for them to look back on and discuss.

The experience

Discuss taking pictures with your child and the devices you have that can do this e.g. phone, tablet, camera. Ensure your child knows how to use the chosen device and encourage them to take pictures of three things they really love the most. You may restrict this to one area e.g. what are your three favourite things in your room? Or it could be in the whole house or an outdoor space. 

Look through the pictures with your child and talk about them – ‘Why did you pick this one?’ ‘Tell me about this…. I would love to know why you love it’. 

To extend further, you could create categories e.g. something that is pink, something that is spiky, something that is round, or even something that is alive! 

Why not upload your images to Famly so your child’s key person can see and possibly even share them with their friends in nursery!