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Toddler balance games

What you need

  • Small beanbags
  • Small board books
  • A small ball and a spoon


This activity helps your toddler build cognitive skills and helps learn body awareness. They will develop balancing skills and critical thinking as they consider the best approach to a task.

The experience

To start, use something flexible like a small beanbag and have your toddler try to walk a few feet with it balanced on the back of an outstretched hand or on their head. Once they have experienced success with that, try other tasks like balancing a small board book on the head or walking across a room with a small ball balanced on a spoon.

For an added challenge, mark a line along the ground/floor using chalk/tape or a string or ribbon and see if your child can stay walking on the line. You could watch a video of a tightrope walker at the circus and play some circus music to make it more exciting! Have a think about other circus skills could you try as a family!