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Cranberry flapjack bars

Packed full of energy-inducing fruits and seeds, our cranberry flapjack bars are great for on-the-go […]

Dinosaur ice eggs

What you need Latex water balloons Access to a kitchen or outdoor tap Small toy […]

22 fine motor skills activities

All children will develop their fine motor skills at different paces, but there are plenty […]

Salt Dough Decorations

Here’s a crafty activity that’s perfect for cosy days at home.  Make your own Christmas […]

One cup of Lego

The possibilities with Lego or Duplo blocks are endless; they’re a great way to challenge your child.

Water spray painting

Well, isn’t this splash-tastic! What’s not to love with this hands-on colour spray activity.

Toothbrushing game

A fun way to help children understand why it’s important to brush their teeth and how to do it properly.

Hide and seek challenge: Hide a toy

A small toy to be hidden around the home A piece of paper Pencils/markers for […]

Sensory building blocks

Tupperware containers (these will need to be see-through for the best effects) A selection of […]

Take a photo challenge

The means to take a photo e.g. phone, tablet or camera A space to explore […]

Messy Fun: Mud sculptures

Making mud pies or mud sculptures is fun for everyone (although a little bit messy!) and can lead to lots of imaginative scenarios.

Heads or tails?

A coin A piece of paper A pen/pencil A fun way to develop your child’s […]